Joint: back in net cloth material to provide better air permeability, flexibility and laminating. Comfort: micro fiber material soft and comfortable to ensure that all kinds of weather has a great grip. Stereo feeling: 3 d elastic stick stick, ensure the fit and comfort of the palm of your hand. Little sheep: palm with your thumb at the top level of the suede material is qualitative soft, comfortable, durable, good grip。   New design brought far distances, the trajectory is more stable, more soft tactility, excellent fall namely stop fruit LingBian control and better durability, chung, golf multiple composite structure using the innovative soft mid-december, the core technology, with fast ion polymer middle and 352 circular features of the tetrahedron nest spin high amino armor .

Dongguan chung, golf co., LTD

Dongguan chung, golf co., LTD is a company specializing in the production of golf theme and motion element gift manufacturers. We take the accurate market positioning, excellent product quality, cohesive sales team, has been leading the essence of the golf gifts and even sports gift industry. Chung xin sports products can finish from product design, production, sales through-train service. Good quality, advanced design; Experienced and innovative designers and more than 80 staff and three product lines can be at your service at any time. More than a decade of professional golf gifts and gift, lets you feel the gift of harmony, relaxed and happy. Make you enjoy extraordinary realm of life. The first-class quality and considerate service is our is to survive this. Looking at the golf movement and the demanders to communication and cooperation . !...More>>
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